Interpretive Resume

Alaina Boys

1425 Seabright Ave
Santa Cruz, CA 95062 | 831-334-7363 h | 831-335-6707 w

Sacramento City College, 2001-2005, AA in Theatre Arts
San Jose City College, 2014- Present
Foothill College, 2014- Present
Cabrillo College, 2016
Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands, online courses 2013-2016

Major Related Courses
Native Peoples of California, Sacramento City College 2002
American History, 1477- Present, Sacramento City College 2003
Communications 301, Sacramento City College 2003
Intermediate Acting, One Act Play Workshop, Sacramento City College 2002-2005
Foundations of Interpretation, Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands, 2013
The Wilderness Act of 1964, Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands, 2013
Training for Interpretive Trainers, California State Parks Mott Training Center 2014
Resource Management Cultural Basic, California State Parks Mott Training Center 2014


 Ability to use learned interpretive guidelines and principles to effectively research and develop an independent interpretive program, tour, presentation, or interpretive written material for a historic cultural or natural site or event.

✦ Considerable knowledge of the study of Interpretation’s history and foundations along with knowledge of the leaders of interpretation’s teachings, chiefly Freeman Tilden, Enos Mills, Sam Ham, Larry Beck & Ted Cable.

✦ Experience with managing and scheduling volunteers, students, and paid staff, extensive experience working with the general public and vendors to create events and programs.

 Advanced governmental administrative experience; quickly understands governmental processes and can navigate easily through challenging governmental programs.

✦ Basic to intermediate knowledge of wilderness management, cultural resource management, and natural resource management, and with understanding how to effectively apply that knowledge to developing and managing interpretive programs.

Work Experience
Management Service Technician, California State Parks, Santa Cruz District, 2008-Present
Volunteer Interpreter, California State Parks, Santa Cruz District, 2009-Present
Guide Trainee, California State Capitol Museum, California State Parks, 2007-08
Union Company Stage Manager, the Studio Theatre, 2005-2006
Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager, Set, Light, Sound, Costume Designer, Production Manager, Director,  various theatre companies, 2004-Present

Additional Information
Member of the National Association for Interpretation since 2012
Attended Interpretive and Cultural Resources Trainings with the United States Forest Service, 2012-Present